Frequently asked questions

Schools will require a licence if films are shown as part of an entertainment programme.

A single title licence is required for groups that are not covered under the licence. The licence is for a specific group at a specific address i.e. pupils and teachers in the school.

The lowest band bracket is 0-124 pupils. For current pricing for this band, please download the brochure from the PVSL forms page.

The playing of a film for the purpose of instruction is not an infringement of copyright and a licence for this is not required. However it is likely that some films will not be used during instruction and PVSL will ensure you are covered for every eventuality.

Schools are permitted to use internal promotions limited to the school premises and to the licensed audience only.

No, this falls outside of the licence terms. A single title screening licence is required to cover the event.

The PVS Licence only covers the premises named on the licence, it is not transferable. PVSL is only available for use in the UK at the present time. Filmbankmedia can provide you with an alternative licence to cover you for your trip.

No, the training college forms another group and will need to be covered under a separate licence.

You will require either a PVS Licence, or a single title licence. A single title licence is available from Filmbankmedia, not CEFM. A single title licence gives you access to pre-retail release titles from Filmbankmedia (titles are usually available 8 – 12 weeks from cinema release).

There are restrictions to using film in this way. Filmbankmedia recommend, for maximum value, that a single title licence is purchased which gives you access to titles pre-retail release and the opportunity to charge and sell snacks during the screening. These titles are available usually 8-12 weeks from cinema release and prior to retail – please check the Filmbankmedia website for further information.