School protection

CEFM has purchased a school protection insurance cover which indemnifies CEFM and our members for legal costs, expenses and compensation awards. This also includes the cost of appeals.

It provides a range of cover including:

  • Employee dispute legal cover
  • Employment compensation awards
  • Tax enquiry protection
  • Property disputes management
  • Criminal investigation legal defence
  • Compliance and regulation protection
  • Statutory licence appeals
  • Employee civil proceedings protection
  • Crisis communication
  • Employee counselling helpline


Assisting CEFM member schools

Subject to your school following the guidelines set out by CEFM, our provider will be able to provide the following cover:

Employment disputes and compensation

If you have a dispute with an employee it can be stressful, time-consuming and very costly to both your finances and reputation. Our policy will pay the legal costs of defending your school in a range of employment disputes. It will also pay tribunal fees and compensation awarded against you provided that there is a reasonable prospect of your defence being successful.

Legal defence

All schools must operate within a complicated framework of legislation. Our provider’s legal services can help you remain compliant and our policy will also pay the legal costs of defending your school from criminal prosecutions.

Property protection

Your premises are vital to the smooth running of your school. Nuisance, trespass or damage to your property by another party could put a substantial strain on your ability to operate effectively. Our policy will pay for the legal costs of protecting your rights and claiming compensation if necessary.

Tax protection

No school welcomes an unexpected visit from the taxman and any investigation by HMRC is likely to be lengthy and expensive. Our tax advisors and accountants will represent your school if a dispute arises following a compliance check by HMRC. They will also deal with HMRC if there is a full or aspect enquiry into your business, as well as a range of appeals.

Compliance and regulation

Schools face ever increasing regulatory burdens from licensing bodies, governmental and professional bodies as well as local authorities. Our policy provider will appeal against statutory notices issued against you or defend your school against any civil action brought under the Data Protection Act. It will also help if your business is investigated by a regulatory body of if you have to attend a professional or regulatory disciplinary hearing.

Crisis communication

In an increasingly media orientated world, adverse publicity can have a devastating financial impact on your school. Our policy will pay up to £10,000 in professional fees to provide expert advice to help you manage communication effectively in times of crisis. This can include drafting a media statement as well as preparing suitable communications for your staff, parents or suppliers.

Counselling assistance helpline

For an employee needing a confidential help and advice, qualified counsellors are available to provide telephone support on any matter that is causing your employee upset.