Settlement agreements

Our expert advisors can support your school with the drafting of settlement agreements (formally known as compromise agreements)

Settlement agreements provide a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee which is used to end an employment relationship. Terms are agreed between the parties which usually includes a termination payment by the employer in return for the employee’s agreement not to pursue any claims against the employer.

Whilst commonly used for mutually terminating the employment relationship, settlement agreements can also be used to resolve ongoing disputes, for example, a dispute over pay.
We can support your school or MAT with:

  • Bespoke drafting service for settlement agreements
  • Assistance with formulating settlement proposals
  • Drafting communications with employee and the employee’s representative
  • Advice provided in response to suggested alternative proposals put forward by the employee’s representative
  • Amendments to the settlement agreement
  • Tax considerations

A settlement agreement must include key features in order to be a valid and legally binding document. We produce bespoke documents for each case.

We offer schools the option to purchase support for settlement agreements as a standalone consultancy service at a fixed fee. This is available for both members and non-members.

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