Occupational health

CEFM employs a dedicated case officer to assist schools in managing the medical aspects of employee health, wellbeing and sickness issues.

New entrant questionnaires (NEQs)

Providing a role specific medical questionnaire that is accessible via a secure web-based portal, ensuring a paperless and fast outcome for the school.

Paper-based versions are also available.

Management referral to occupational health unit – national coverage

Our referrals are structured to provide the school with a diagnosis and prognosis of their employee’s condition.

Physiotherapy and counselling

Stress and musculoskeletal injuries are the most common causes of long-term absence in the public sector and, after minor illness, are also the top causes of short-term absence. These cases respond best to early intervention.

The service provides fast access to a physiotherapist or counselling service and is available on a national basis. Each individual’s case is assessed and progress is benchmarked ensuring the treatment is focused on returning the individual to the workplace effectively.

Rightsteps® Wellbeing intervention

The service focuses on Wellbeing coaching and support for low-level mental health issues, using techniques such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), which is delivered over the telephone.

The primary function is to help get the employee back into the workplace within the six-session framework by providing them with the supporting mechanisms to manage their issues and to develop their own support structure.