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CEFM Education Update March 2022 i – FREE SAMPLE COPY

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Political impartiality in schools The government issued new guidance in February entitled ‘Political impartiality in schools’. The guidance does not contain any new statutory requirements, but rather seeks to support those working with and in schools to understand the relevant legal duties with political impartiality. We summarise the key points of this densely detailed 22 page guidance.

CEFM Education Update January 2022 i – FREE SAMPLE COPY

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Ofsted annual report 2020/21 At the beginning of each new calendar year, we prepare a summary of the main points raised in the Ofsted annual report. As ever, Ofsted’s brief is a wide one, extending beyond the education of children and young people into further education and teacher training. We concentrate in this summary on those aspects of Ofsted’s work concerned with early years, primary and secondary education.

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