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CEFM Education Update February 2023 i – FREE SAMPLE COPY

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Pupil premium The DfE issued new guidance on 16 December 2022 giving the rates per pupil per year for the pupil premium in the financial year 2023/24. This guidance is an overview of pupil premium for school staff, parents and anyone else interested in the pupil premium.

Careers guidance in primary and secondary schools The DfE has announced a new careers programme for primary schools The programme will be rolled out across 55 disadvantaged (Education Investment) areas of the country where school outcomes are the weakest. For secondary pupils, the DfE has also given more details about the rollout of recent legislation to enable pupils to learn more about the variety of career routes, including technical routes, available to them. We summarise the key points from this new guidance.

Holiday help The DfE has confirmed further funding for a holiday activities and food programme for 2023, with the aim of again supporting many thousands of children from low income families.

Absence rates The government released figures in January indicating the levels of pupil attendance in state-funded schools since the beginning of the current school year. Schools will be able to compare this data with their statistics for the two previous autumn terms to see how much attendance rates match up with pre-pandemic levels. We quote some of the rates.

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