The support you need with day-to-day HR in your school, academy or multi-academy trust, as well as help when you need it for unexpected issues or significant change.

Flexible education HR solutions – no hidden costs

Every school is different. That’s why we offer complete flexibility for you to choose the level of service that’s right for your individual school, academy or multi-academy trust.

Whether you need an HR partner, advice on financial best practice for your school, or help with setting up a new multi-academy trust, we can provide a tailored solution that meets your needs. The cost is fixed up front for members, with no hidden costs or renewal terms, so you’re always in control.

Education management advice

Our core education consultancy service provides day to day expert management advice, as well as keeping you up to date with important changes and policy updates as they happen.

Our education HR school consultancy services gives you access to:

  • our telephone helpline
  • HR case officers
  • our online content and resource service – everything your school needs in one place

Tailor our service to your education HR needs

You have the option to tailor this with a range of additional services that best meet your school’s needs. These include:

Members can purchase additional services up front, or pay as you go, putting you in charge of your school’s finances.

Growing your Multi-Academy Trust (MAT)?

We can offer a trust wide service, supporting both central and school level teams.

Why choose CEFM as your education HR partner?

We are education specialists. We believe passionately in providing responsive, expert advice and guidance that your school can rely on.

Our aim is to help your school perform better and to empower your people to be successful, by giving them the power to access information and make decisions quickly and with confidence.

We don’t pretend to offer everything but we are unapologetically driven to be the best at what we do offer. Our vision is to be the service provider that school leaders recommend.

Our wide team of specialists and trusted partners means that, whatever your school’s personnel, legal, finance, management or payroll needs, you can be confident we have a solution.

And if we are not the specialist in a particular area, we will refer you to someone who is; we won’t compromise our integrity or level of service. That’s why school leaders trust us time and again.

The benefits:

  • Save time
  • Increase capacity
  • Improve compliance
  • Stay informed and up to date
  • Improve pupil outcomes
  • Reduce costs
  • Be ready for Ofsted.

Get a free trial of our education HR resource library

Our library is one of the most comprehensive online for school managers with more than 7000 pages of downloadable model policies, templates, forms and guidance.

Try out our services with a free trial of our online education HR resource library and the next 3 editions of CEFMinform.