Policies & documents

CEFMi is a unique comprehensive policy, guidance and advice web service containing over 7,000 pages of text.

Recognised as one of the most comprehensive online resources for school managers, it offers a single resource blending policies, documents, updates, model forms and advice all in one location.

  • Unlike many of our competitors, we produce all our content in-house ensuring clear consistent style and content.
  • Content is original, not produced by third parties merely as a marketing opportunity.
  • We do not hyperlink you to third party sites where the authors or the quality of the content is unknown.
  • All documentation is on a regular review cycle. Each has a last reviewed and next review date associated with it.
  • Unlike other websites, CEFMi is not an ‘information dump’. Out of date information is removed, ensuring members always have access to the correct version.
  • All changes are recorded in revision documents associated with the document.
  • A powerful embedded search engine allows users to locate information quickly.
  • A Do you know? service allows users to ask our expert team questions. Key responses are recorded in an archive for other users to access.
  • In the unlikely event that we do not currently offer a required document, users can commission its drafting at no extra cost.
  • Subscribers to the service receive CEFMinform – our monthly email update. The update highlights new guidance and initiatives that affect schools and provides details and live links to all of the changes and additions across CEFMi.