Employee counselling helpline

Life doesn’t always go the way your employees plan.  Unexpected problems or issues in their work or home life can make getting through the day a struggle.

To assist CEFM members schools with their commitment to supporting the wellbeing of their employees and their families, we provide access to an employee counselling helpline.

Qualified counsellors are available 24/7 to provide telephone support on any matter that is causing your employee upset or creating anxiety.

The helpline is entirely independent of your school giving employees reassurance that help is available when needed.

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Education Helpline

At CEFM, we understand that the field of education can be both rewarding and demanding, and that’s why we offer the Education Helpline—a dedicated teacher support helpline designed to provide essential assistance to educators facing the challenges of the profession. Our teacher helpline is more than just a resource; it’s a lifeline for teachers and education professionals dealing with teacher stress and seeking teacher support.

With the Education Helpline, educators can access confidential and compassionate counseling services, offering guidance, emotional support, and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of their roles. Whether you’re grappling with classroom management, work-life balance, or simply need someone to talk to, our Education Helpline is here to listen, understand, and empower you to overcome challenges and thrive in your important work within the education sector. Your well-being matters, and at CEFM, we’re committed to providing the support you need when you need it most.

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