Tariff for the Public Use of Sound Recordings: Schools

A printer friendly version of the tariff is contained within the Information Pack.



This tariff covers the use of recorded music by Schools, in School premises, other than music used as part of the national curriculum as specified under S34 of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

This tariff covers:

  • Exercise to music (aerobics etc.)
  • Background music, whether by CD, tape, hard disc system, etc
  • Special featured entertainment events, inc. school discos, or music quizzes.
  • Music on hold

Background music can be played from different types of machines, such as background music systems, CD players, cassette decks, mini hi-fi systems.

Music in schools means “Music used in school premises by groups of students, teachers or individuals with direct affiliations to the life of the school (e.g. Parent Teachers Associations)”. It excludes, activities using music on school premises by all other groups, which are subject to an additional charge. Subject to the standard PPL terms and conditions.


This tariff applies to the public performance of any sound recordings that are controlled by PPL at:

  • Schools (any establishments, either private or public running national curriculum for 16s and under)
  • Nurseries, play groups or preschools run by the school.


The following are excluded from the PPL tariff for schools and will be licensed separately under the relevant applicable PPL tariffs:

  • Sound recording usage at stand alone sixth form colleges, universities, and other institutions of further education and student unions, gyms or leisure centres in dedicated areas or buildings open to individuals not directly associated with the school and/or operated on a commercial basis.
  • Any public performance of sound recordings at events or in facilities run by a party other than the school or where any profit or benefit does not go entirely to the school.
  • Any other commercial or other activities that could not reasonably be considered within the normal activities of a school.
  • Use of jukeboxes


Every licensee under this tariff will, if requested and at least once a year supply to PPL or its authorised agent:

  • A statement of the total number of pupils on the school roll at the start of the academic year.
  • Any other information as may be reasonably required.


Aggregate Annual Attendance Fee (£)
1 – 200 98.98
201 – 250 115.18
251 – 300 131.38
301 – 350 147.58
351 – 400 163.78

Fees increase pro rata £16.20 per band of 50.

VAT should be added at the current rate to the above charges.

The Minimum PPL Licence Fee will be applied.