All of the forms below are in Abode Portable Document Format (PDF). If you need to download Adobe Reader to view the forms, it is available from the Adobe website.

PVSL brochure incorporating an application form (PDF)

This document gives an overview of the Public Video Screening Licence, lists a number of frequently asked questions, incorporates an application form, shows the current tariff and sets out the licence’s terms and conditions.

PVSL quarterly return form (PDF)

In order that royalties are allocated correctly to the owning studios, Filmbankmedia distributors request as part of the terms of your licence agreement, that a quarterly report is submitted detailing the titles that have played over the past 3 months.

Please note that your quarterly reports are to be sent to Filmbankmedia directly and NOT to CEFM.

PVSL declaration of non-requirement (PDF)

If after speaking to the helpline you have been advised to complete a declaration form, please print off this PVSL declaration of non-requirement, sign it and send it back to CEFM.