School Finance Training Courses

At CEFM we offer a range of school finance training courses tailored for school business leadership and management.

Our curriculum is designed to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills required for financial and operational leadership in today’s dynamic educational landscape. Whether you’re looking to enhance your expertise in school financial management, academy finance, or are part of finance staff in maintained schools or multi-academy trusts, our courses cover all critical areas, including financial reporting, academy trusts management, and strategic planning for schools and academies.

What you can expect to learn from our school finance course in the UK.

  • Financial Management and Reporting: Gain a comprehensive understanding of financial reporting requirements for schools, academies, and local authorities, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Education Funding Environment: Navigate the complexities of funding for schools and academies.
  • Business Cases and Investment Decisions: Learn to articulate compelling business cases and make informed investment decisions that align with the strategic goals of schools and academies.
  • Governance, Accountability, and Assurance: Understand the role of governance in maintaining accountability and providing assurance within school business management frameworks.
  • Procurement and Contract Management: Master procurement processes and contract management, crucial for operational efficiency in schools and academies.
  • Internal and External Audits: Equip yourself to effectively liaise with finance officers and audit staff, facilitating smooth internal and external audit processes.

Who is this course for?

Our training is ideal for:

  • Aspiring and current school business professionals.
  • Individuals in senior finance or business management positions seeking to scale into in school financial and operational leadership.
  • Professionals from both within and outside the education sector, including those involved with local authorities or finance staff looking for continuing professional development opportunities.

Why choose our school finance Courses?

Choosing CEFM for your professional development means partnering with a leader in the field of school business management and financial operations training. By selecting CEFM, you benefit from:

  • Industry Expertise: Our trainers are seasoned professionals in the areas of school finance, academy finance, and operational leadership, offering insights rooted in real-world experience.
  • Customised Learning Experiences: Recognising the diverse needs of school business professionals, our courses are designed to cater to the specific challenges and goals of your institution, whether it’s a maintained school, an academy, or part of a multi-academy trust.
  • Commitment to Excellence: CEFM is committed to promoting excellence in financial management and operational leadership within the educational sector, supporting school business professionals in their quest for continuous professional development.

How to Enrol

Elevate your career and contribute to the success of your educational institution with CEFM’s School Finance Training Courses. Discover how our targeted training can help you navigate the challenges of school and academy finance, operational leadership, and beyond. Get in touch today to learn more about enrolling in our courses.