School Behaviour Policy

What is a School Behaviour Policy?

A school behaviour policy is an essential document that sets the standards of conduct expected from students within a school. It outlines the responsibilities of both students and staff in maintaining a positive learning environment. This policy is pivotal in fostering respect, safety, and learning among all members of the school community.

Key Elements of a Secondary/Primary School Behaviour Policy

The behaviour policy in a school typically includes several key components:

  • Code of Conduct: Clearly defines acceptable and unacceptable behaviours in school.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: Specifies the responsibilities of students, teachers, and parents in upholding the code of conduct.
  • Rewards and Sanctions: Details the rewards for good behaviour and the consequences for inappropriate behaviour.
  • Bullying Prevention: Includes strategies for preventing and addressing bullying within the school.

CEFMi Behaviour policies and documents

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How CEFM Supports Schools in Developing Behaviour Policies

CEFM offers expert assistance in developing comprehensive behaviour policies tailored to the needs of individual schools. Our services include:

  • Custom Policy Drafting: Creating bespoke behaviour policies that reflect the values and expectations of your school community.
  • Staff Training and Workshops: Providing training for school staff to ensure consistent enforcement of the behavior policy.
  • Ongoing Consultation and Support: Offering regular consultations to adapt and refine the policy as needed.


FAQs About Primary School Behaviour Policies

Behavior policies are enforced through a combination of monitoring, reporting, and disciplinary actions as outlined in the policy. Effective enforcement also relies on the support and cooperation of the entire school community.

Yes, parents can and should contribute to the development of a school’s behavior policy. Their input can provide valuable perspectives on effective strategies for managing children’s behavior both at school and at home.