CIPD guidance – Neuroinclusion at work

Posted on March 14th, 2024

The CIPD has recently published guidance aimed at people professionals and leaders who want to learn more about neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is described as ‘the natural variation in human brain functioning. It refers to the fact that all human brains are wired differently in terms of information processing, communication and sensory processing’. The guidance focuses on forms of innate neurodivergence such as autism and ADHD, as they relate to the workplace.

The guidance considers what a neuroinclusive organisation looks like. This includes practices which create an inclusive workforce for all types of thinkers. Examples include office design, flexibility in how work is completed and proactively catering for different preferences in communication. Support for individuals should be provided in a person-centred way. Aiming to develop a neuroinclusive culture will allow staff to be respectful of difference and recognise the value of diversity. Recruitment should also be conducted with neurodiversity in mind, to include inclusive job descriptions and well-informed interviewers.

The guide also contains key principles for creating a neuroinclusive organisation, such as:

  • Understanding where the business is now and committing to a long-term plan of action.
  • Focusing on creating an open and supportive culture where people feel comfortable in talking about neurodiversity.
  • Proactively considering neurodiversity in all people management interactions.
  • Allowing individuals to be masters of their own journey.
  • Embracing flexible working to enable everyone to thrive.
  • Practising ongoing attention to wellbeing.
  • Empowering neurodivergent voices.

A link to the guidance from the CIPD can be found at Neuroinclusion at work | CIPD.

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