Dates and deadlines

Posted on January 4th, 2022

Here is a reminder of the important dates and deadlines for schools and academies for the spring term 2022 and into the summer term. This list is certainly not exhaustive, but we hope we have highlighted the majority of significant items. Inevitably, however, these dates could change because of the continued impact of COVID-19.

January 2022

15 January

Closing date for application for places in primary schools for September 2022.

20 January

Spring school census.

31 January

Trusts must publish their 2020/21 audited financial statements on their website by this date.

February 2022

16 February

Census return date.

28 February

Admissions authorities must determine admission arrangements for entry in September 2023 by this date.

March 2022

1 March

National secondary offer day.

15 March

Admission authorities must publish their admission arrangements for September 2023 and send them to their local authority by this date.

24 March

Temporary (COVID-19) changes to arrangements for suspension and permanent exclusion appeals are due to end.

April 2022

19 April

National primary offer day.

May 2022


KS1 test period.


AS and A level exams period.

9–12 May


16 May–28 June

GCSE exams period.

17 May

Trust budget forecasts must be returned.

June 2022

6 June

Year 1 phonics check will be administered during this week.

6 June

Over the next three weeks – year 4 multiplication checks.

July 2022


ESFA academy trust handbook 2022/23 available

26 July

Deadline for trusts to complete and submit the BFR3Y (budget forecast return).

August 2022

18 August

AS and A level results day.

25 August

GCSE results day.

Statutory policy reminders

Schools are reminded that they must review the following policies during the course of this academic year:

  • Admission arrangements.
  • Teacher’s pay.
  • Child protection policy and procedures.
  • SEND.
  • Arrangements for health and safety (not necessarily a discrete policy).

The following documents must constantly be kept up-to-date:

  • Register of admissions and attendance.
  • Information published on website.
  • Single central record of recruitment and vetting checks.
  • Register of business interests of headteachers and governors/trustees.


  • Baseline reception tests must take place during the first six weeks after a child enters reception.
  • Temporary (COVID-19) arrangements for admission appeals 2022 extended to 30 September 2022.

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